SMS Two-Factor Authentication

Verify users by reaching their mobile device with SMS or voice codes: easily adding a layer of security.

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Preempt fraud
The second step in 2-factor authentication minimizes fraud easily with an extra layer of security.
Easy to use API
We provide a full API solution from authentication management to message automation.
Flexible pricing
Pay only for successful authentications, per verification request.
Ensure delivery
With SMSEdge you can feel sure that your messages are going to reach the recipients
Reduce costs
Our verification solution costs almost same as the price of one SMS message
Omni channel
Unleash the power of proprietary SMS multi channel technology

How two-factor
authentication works

User inputs the information
Receives SMS code
Confirms the code
Gets logged in

Top security for both parties

Make your customers feel completely secure

Easily add a layer of protection by using a phone number to authenticate new and existing customers.

Protect your business from scammers

Ensure safe access by delivering time-limited, single-use authorization codes with passwordless authentication.

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